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Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia

Another beautiful place you can visit during your stay in the Czech Republic is Český Krumlov. If you do not have enough time, you can possibly do this as a one day trip as well, but we recommend you to stay overnight at least, to see it all without checking the time.

Český Krumlov is situated approximately 2 hours from Prague by car and 3 hours by train or bus. There is a direct (very comfy and nice) train from the main train station as well as buses such as FlixBus and StudentAgency.

Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia
Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia

We loved the look of this city, it is like you just went back in time as the historical center is well preserved with no modern touches to it. You will truly see the history here, but not real life. The amount of inhabitants is only something over 13.000 people and they live on the outskirts of the city. The center is almost completely for the tourists as there is over 2 million of them coming each year.

Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia
Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia
Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia
Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia

Visit the wellness city of Karlovy Vary

We had very mixed feeling about our trip. We love to look at architecture and explore the hidden corners, walk through every little street or just sit by the river and look at people. All that we had the opportunity to do as well as visit the local castle.

But on the contrary, prices are astronomical here, when it comes to the restaurants and food is not the best. Unfortunately not even the staff - lazy, slow, not professional, bored ..

Not everywhere though, but in too many places.

We did sit down though in a small bistro beyond the center, which had a beautiful interior, kind staff and an interesting offer. "TOPINKA" is its name - and it is also an old dish, that people used to eat, when short on money. Originally it was just a half a slice of bread, fried and with some lard and garlic. Here they brought it to another level. With goat cheese, nuts and plums or Mathew had one with pulled pork, but i saw them with even shrimps, scrambled eggs and others. Each day they have also some main dish and soup to choose from and their selection of wine is also very nice.

Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia

Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia
Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia

I think two days are just fine for your visit to Český Krumlov. If you are trying to save some coin, find an apartment to rent outside of the center, but if you feel like some treat and design, then have a look on what we tried and can recommend - hotel OldInn.


We travelled during the COVID times and were so happy, that the town was quiet, not so crowded and we could see all the details.



Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia
Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia

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