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Dog as a gift for Christmas - why is it bad idea?

From the start i have to immediately say, that i am not a fan of gifting living soul.

Each and everyone of them needs attention and proper home background. Some people might be allergic, may not have enough time to take care of them, enough space in their household, enough patience for all their "mistakes" like pee here, poo there and half chewed shoes or socks.

Having a dog is almost as big responsibility as to have a child. You do have to give them attention, feed them, walk them, take them to the doctors and they cannot stay alone for a long time. People who take a dog should be hundred percent sure they want to commit their life to caring, because a dog ultimately becomes a fluffy family member.

There is a nice quote " Dog is the only creatures who loves you more, than they love them selves." they devote their life to you and you should do the same.

And so gifting might really not be the greatest of ideas.

Too many dogs land up in dog shelters after Christmas, which is very sad!

People have to realize, that they are also living beings with a soul and feelings and not only things you can get rid off within 14 days e-shop guarantee. They too get afraid as well as sad, when placed in shelter without proper love.

We have adopted a dog our selves. If you follow us or read our blog, you may have encountered our fluffy family member. Yorkie called Falco, who went through some terrible past and found is warm bed under our roof. You may read more here.

Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue is a life-changing decision—and it’s a wonderful one, when done right! So please ... don´t buy - adopt and only when you are sure of this life changing step forward.

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