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How to have a lasting relationship?

Nine years together (what we have with Mathew) is nothing compared to our ancestors or even grandparents, yet in this time full of brake-ups, divorces it may seem like an eternity to spend with one person. I will speak for myself, that i am aiming for happily ever after and till death do us apart.

I got people messaging us, that our life with Mathew seems to be just perfect. Even though we love each other i have to tell you that it is not. It is never 100% in no one's relationship and all you can see are just pretty pictures. Even though we reveal the truth on our social media, especially when it comes to travel and reviews, but no one will take their phone and record an argument and post it as an IGTV - dah.

How to have a lasting relationship?

Every person will sooner or later disappoint you though and that is a fact. Not because of them-self or because they would simply want to hurt you, it is not their fault. But we are usually hopeless romantics, with minds twisted by movies and therefor we have such high expectations that cannot be ever fully fulfilled by anybody. You do not give a list of rules, as soon as you start dating someone, of what you expect from them and how they should act.

We also have our arguments, but we chose to deal with them right away, but you have to be willing to listen. we also put some work and effort into our relationship as nothing happens just like that. What happens if you leave a bicycle out in the rain ... it rusts right? The same happens to love when you do not take care of it.

You also have to keep in mind, that relationship is not about taking and leaching from the other, but also and mainly about giving. You have to have the pleasure of being there for the other person and be happy for making their day better. Do not expect them to be your source of joy, as both misery and joy have the source within you.

Also, problems have the source within you, so first examine yourself and then consider steps that involve the other person, while simply speaking about what is bothering you and i am sure you will come to a solution.

It is true, that the quality of your relationship strongly, if not fully, defines satisfaction in your life, therefor make sure it works.

Make time for one another and pay attention to other´s feelings, be there to actually hear what they are saying.





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