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How to simplify your life by adopting minimalist habits

Did you know that an average american family owns 300.000 things at home? And another study says, that we spent 153 days, on average, looking for something.

Do you really want to be part of the consumer´s world, or rather live a little more?

Becoming a minimalist or adopting minimalist habits can save your time, money and also stress.

How to simplify your life by adopting minimalist habits

Minimalism can prevent from stress

Create a routine

If you often times run late, or have the feeling like you never get anything done, you should simplify your daily routines.

Create routines for yourself for the mornings, afternoons and nights. It might be that you eat breakfast and get dressed in the same order and at the same time every day. Wake up at the same time as that sets up your day for the same amount of hours. prepare your food or at least a list a day before.

Simply said, know when you are doing what. Sure improvisation is a good thing, but some need more every day routine to get sh*t done.

Do not forget finances

Finance is something that people often times overlook, but they also play a huge role in your mental and emotional decisions and so you better include them into your minimalist lifestyle plan.

Automation is the winner. Go to your online banking and if possible, set all your payments to be done during one day, preferably a day after you get your salary.

Like this you will easily be able to work with upcoming expenses and you will right away see, how much you are left with.

I also suggest you to send away a small amount to your other account or saving account for one of those "What if" occasions. You won´t count with the money on your account, but they will become very handy, when you have to pay for something unexpectedly (doctors and so on)

How to simplify your life by adopting minimalist habits

Make Fewer Decisions

Did you know, that we make approximately 35,000 decisions every single day? Isn´t that crazy? So if you suffer from decision fatigue or you feel drained by the end of the day, you know why.

Is there even a help for that? Yes!

For example clothing. Have you noticed, that some of the most successful people seemingly wear the same? That is because they adopted the minimalist lifestyle, as it helps them to stay focused on the important stuff.

How long does it take you to actually choose your outfit in the morning?

Aha .. see it now? You might prepare it a day ahead or have the same t-shirt (or entire outfit) for every day in the week, or have a capsule wardrobe, where everything goes with everything so you do not have to think of such trivial things and use your energy for something else.

Another decision to take away is food, where meal prep is the answer. Bulk prepare your food Sunday evening for at least three days, cook to place it in the freezer, to be able to use it. I even knew a person, who had the same lunch every day for like a year. It was easy for home cause he knew exactly what he has to do and what to buy for it - no thinking, just simplicity.

Uninstall the apps

Some mobile apps can truly become handy, on the other hand, some only take our time, that we could fill with way better activities. Often times we get too "busy" looking for things, playing games, liking photos etc. Rather take a book or a dictionary and finally learn the language you always wanted and never had the time.



How to simplify your life by adopting minimalist habits
How to simplify your life by adopting minimalist habits


Tascha Goovaerts
Tascha Goovaerts
Nov 22, 2020

Minimalism is such a hot topic lately! I love the idea, but didn't know where to start... Thanks to your blog post, I already feel much more motivated to take babysteps and start living a more minimalist lifestyle! Thanks so much for sharing this post!


Shavanie Dillon
Shavanie Dillon
Jul 06, 2020

This was very helpful! Thanks for sharing


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