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Skiing in Pitztal Austria

Our Trip to the Alps Finally!! Can you imagine a person born and raised around sunny hot weather (South Africa), sand dunes and beaches…to snowboard!? The idea of snow and ice is just something so far for us South Africans. It nothing we see every day!

The drive from Prague was abit long, but eventually it got very scenic and if you’re a fan of fresh mountain air and forests it’s pretty much where you just want to be!

Just looking at the lovely towns and villages passing by your window, the colorful paintings and wooden arches .. it just almost makes you want to yodel all day long!

Seemingly everybody changes by the car as soon as they get to the parking lot and then they rush for the funicular to be on the top among the first ones. The trip up was quite something, simply imagine a train in a tunnel, in the mountain itself .. like what?

This trip takes approximately 6 minutes and it really isn´t for claustrophobic people as it´s a small space with a lot of people and outside is nothing but darkness.

But as you get out of the station and you see the vast beauty of the glacier, you are being surrounded by mountains and it feels like another planet. Frozen beauty.

We did not plan well and had to use the ski rent on the top to get the boots for Mathew which costed us 18 EURs. It would definitely be cheaper in the Czech republic, but we came to ski and not just stare at it all.

Near by is also a glacier cave, which was spectacular to see. The feeling of being so close to a glacier which is easy couple hundred thousands years old is simply breathtaking.

And of course we could not miss the opportunity to go to the very top to get even better view of it all. Breathtaking is a proper word.

The top also has a cafe, but careful as nowhere in the resort is possible to pay buy card and ATM is just one at the parking lot. (yes, all the way down)

Close to the train station you can also find a restaurant, with some easy going and typical meals AND also sun chairs, to get that such typical alpine tan.

We planned to stay here for a weekend and for this stay we chose the apart Belvita.

Sort of a last minute as they had a last room and it was a really good choice.

Apartment was very neat, clean, cozy and we even had a balcony to enjoy our morning coffee with a view.

Entire village was very lovely and so calm with the sound of stream near by and ofcourse the fresh air.

So relaxing!


How to get there

By car - from Prague to Pitztal Gletscherbahn - 6h 30min

By others - take a plane to Innsbruck and then train or bus

Lift info

Gletscherbahn info here

Daypass 34 to 47EUR adult (depend on the season)

Where to stay

Great, affordable and recommended place to stay in is Belvita

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