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What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days

We talked about Budapest for some time and of course again, when the tickets showed up I immediately bought two tickets for two nights. I am sorry, but when you see a return ticket for 23 Eur, you simply cannot leave it, you buy it.

So i got it as a surprise for Mathew.

We know there are several "what to do and what to see" on the internet, but we like to give you our own perspective of things and places that we actually seen and experienced.

What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days
What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days
What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days

Bus from the airport costed us 1,800 ft. it was well found and within twenty minutes we reached the city, the Astoria Metro Station - the closest one to our accommodation we were renting through Airbnb. Fortunately, I always print a map where I draw what I want to see, where we live, important stops, etc. I'm happy to be ready, which seems to be damn worth it, when you are in a foreign city at one o´clock in the morning, getting cold and carrying heavy bag pack.

What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days
What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days

We wanted something nice and found an apartment overlooking the Buda castle. We were not particularly close to the center, but it was about 15min on foot, and it was definitely worth the view and morning sunrise. We were also among the first ones at the castle, being that close, and saw it beautifully without tourists.

I am not sure, if it was the season we travelled in, but the city never felt full of tourists and that was refreshing as Prague is always full.

One day we wanted to visit one of the hot spring spas - Széchenyi . To this place you can get by the yellow line, which is the oldest metro system.

Buy your tickets on a platform or in the slot machine In front of the subway entrance, where a one-way ticket will cost you 350HUF (1 eur), and it does not matter how many stations you go. Validate it before hopping on, and then enjoy the noisy, but classical ride.

What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days

Széchenyi fürdő is the metro station, which is right next to the spa.

They have several ticket options, we chose all day ticket with the possibility of a cabin, instead of a locker, and we did not regret. If you travel light and did not bring your towel, you may either buy it there at a store or rent it for a fee, which is not the cheapest (2000 HUF for one towel), but if you don´t mind the amount can also borrow a bathrobe or some slippers.

The middle outdoor pool is only for swimmers with a bathing cap. In addition, it is quite cold, so who would even go there, when you have two pools right next to it, where the water temperature is 36°C? The building, on the side, is full of lockers and changing rooms, and on the other is full of several mineral pools, saunas, steam rooms and others, so do not stay in the warm water for too long and try also something else. Then you can go to catch some sun tan on the sun-bathing terrace, book a Thai massage or a cosmetic treatment.

Opposite of the spa is a beautiful Vajdahunyad castle with a massive entrance gate. I guarantee that you will feel like entering the Dracula´s mansion. It has such an amazing atmosphere.

What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days

Where to eat in Budapest?

Of course, we also ate in Budapest, so we can recommend you three places.

Fruccola is one of them and it is located near the Parliament. It's one of the buffets you can find in the center by office buildings. They serve both breakfast and lunch from 11:30. It is great, that they have food for everyone, how for meat eaters, than also for vegetarians and even vegans. You can choose from some cooked meals such as pilaf, pasta, but also a variety of salads and sandwiches.

The second place is the Great Market Hall. Here you will find souvenirs, fruits, vegetables, meat stands, sausages, as well as an upper floor with local delicacies such as their famous langosh and others. This is a place visited by tourists and so the food prices are slightly higher. On the other hand, souvenirs and spices are half as much cheaper than at the airport.

The last and best place is a sort of a hipster backyard called Karaván, where excellent food and drinks of all kinds are sold from caravans. In the evening, the place is illuminated by lanterns and full of locals and tourists. The food is great here, in bigger portions and prices are way cheaper, than in the surrounding restaurants in the Opera area. Walk through the entire street though and have some forints spear, because you can come across some stunning places with bars that you simply can not pass without stopping.

What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days
What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days
What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days


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What to do and see in Budapest in 2 days

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Sinjana Ghosh
Sinjana Ghosh
Oct 27, 2018

Budapest looks like a dream for architecture lovers. thanks for this wonderful guide


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