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What to do and see in Alesund, Norway

Alesund is one of the most beautiful towns in Norway, so it is said and we simply had to see it for ourselves and judge properly.

So what is there to do and see in Alesund Norway?

After only couple days in this town we strongly considered moving to Ålesund. So quiet, so peaceful, village like but yet a lot to do in and around. It’s the perfect base from which to explore the Norwegian fjords and mountains as well. Sounds perfect doesn´t it?

It was our first experience with this northern country, by far it left the biggest impact on us. We truly loved our experience in Tuscany and of course even in Austria.

Alesund has its own small airport with some duty free as well as car rental. We always recommend the Avis budget, as they are part of the bigger Avis group (well know with good reputation), but offer lower prices AND accept debit card, which most of the car rental companies don´t do.

What to do and see in Alesund, Norway

From the airport you can also take a bus, which stops right in front of the arrival hall (it´s that small, that you truly cannot miss it) and costs 100NOK per person and way. No worries with cash, because you can pay by card, like in 99% of other occasions. Norwegians are truly trying to get rid off paper and make it easier.

You can get off by an info kiosk, where you can get a map, buy some trips or get useful info you may need.

First thing to do in Alesund, which we highly recommend is to just take a walk. Fire destroyed the town in 1904 it was rebuilt in beautiful Art Nouveau style, that will for sure have your attention. Town is not big, and so it might take an hour maybe to walk from one side to another, but we are sure you will have a nice time.

Fjellstua is a hill top above Alesund, from which you will have a beautiful view over the entire town (photo below). Just walk through a small park and take those 418 steps. On top there is also a restaurant or more of a buffet. Careful a beer can cost 40 NOK as well as 140 NOK. Burn and learn .. yop.

Fjellstua in alesund Norway travel guide

Visit some local museums in the town. The local one to learn more about the history or the fishing one, in an old warehouse from 1861, which escaped the great Town Fire of 1904, and today it holds Alesunds Museums´ fisheries exhibitions.

Have a coffee and a cake in an old pharmacy. You could say what? When you enter this beautiful heavy-duty stonework house, all you see is the ornate wood cabinets of an old pharmacy, but do not leave yet as there is a cafe behind all of this and a museum.

Visit Atlantic sea park, because Alesund’s aquarium is quite famous in Norway – and for good reason. Here you’ll find penguins, otters, and all sorts of other sea creatures. This one is especially good for families, or if you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day.

Book your stay with Brosundet hotel, originally fisherman barn now comfy hotel in the beautiful Nordic style, that actually has a single room in a lighthouse. How cool is that? When the sea gets ruff you may have waves hitting your tiny house, you have no neighbors and you breakfast will be delivered to you in the morning on a bicycle. Truly unique stay.

Brosundet hotel in Alesund

Eat some fish, cause Alesund is one of the most important fishing harbors in Norway. In the morning you can see fishing boats by the pier and buy it fresh directly from the fisherman. There is also numerous restaurants that sell fish and chips and a stand called Jafs, right by the (only) bridge, which sometimes run out of fish, that how popular it is.

During the summer month you can take advantage of some water sports such as kayaking, you can take a fjord cruise from here or a Viking boat trip.

Tiny and calm town where nobody is in a rush.



What to do and see in Alesund, Norway
What to do and see in Alesund, Norway

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You just made me feel like I took a vacation! Which is so necessary at this time. I can't wait to be able to take this vacation. Such a beautiful place. Can't wait to be able to visit. Thank you for sharing. 😊


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