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50 ways to make money while travelling

Do You Want To Quit Your Soul-Sucking Job & Just Travel The World? Have a look at our cheatsheet that might inspire you to start your next journey.

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Guide to finding cheap flight tickets

Do you have the travel itch but do not want to spend all your savings just on tickets? In this guide we will show you the basic tips on how to save and book cheap flights tickets.

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how to start as

a content creator

You love to make photos or videos? Imagine you could do it for free products, trips and even make some interesting amount of money.

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Collaborations with hotels and Airbnbs

Unlock the power of hotel and Airbnb collaboration. It will give you the opportunity to travel the world and even get paid.

This is  an ebook as a sneak peak of our webinar.

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You DO NOT need a huge following on Instagram to travel for FREE. Whether you want go for a vacation here and there or you want to bring this to another level and travel the world non stop, we have some tips for you on how to get your FREE night and how to go on about this cooperation. 


You can combine your talent for photography, your love for travel while getting free stays in amazing hotels around the world.Does that sound interesting? We will equip you with all the tools you will need to secure a collaboration.

how to work with hotels

10 pack

Lightroom Presets

Do you want to adjust your photos in just one click and have your feed curated into one style?

We got you covered! Here is a pack of 10 presets to use in Adobe Lightroom both desktop and app.

Something that we use on a daily bases to save time and have all of our photos in one style.

These presets are designed for Adobe Lightroom  and are compatible with RAW and JPEG files. Perfect for professional cameras along with images captured on mobile.

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