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We are Mathew and Klara, the content creating family, minimalists and slow living enthusiasts.

Cliffs and Ocean

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Family lifestyle, Sustainability, Minimalism, Photography

content creators

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We provide insight and advice on a variety of topics, such as family life, minimalism, life fulfillments and travel tips and tricks.

Our goal is to help readers navigate the journey to a happy and fulfilling life. 

Content creation

We offer professional content creation services for accommodation venues, such as hotels, Airbnbs, and B&Bs. Our services include the creation of stunning visuals, such as photos and videos, that can be used across your social media platforms to attract more customers. We will help you make your accommodation stand out from the crowd


We offer resources to help you elevate your online presence, find the meaning of your life, and make you happy through owning less and experiencing more. From learning how to elevate your online presence to tips on owning less and experiencing more, we have the resources to help you. 


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Guide to Starting a Mom-Friendly Online Business

Being a mom is a full-time job in itself, but many moms yearn for the flexibility and financial independence that comes with entrepreneurship. Fortunately, the digital age has opened up a plethora of business opportunities


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An easy Guide to Starting a Mom-Friendly Online Business

Exploring the Essence of Slow Living

The world nowadays often feels like it's spinning faster than ever before and more and more people are coming to the concept of slow living, which is like and anchor or a beacon of tranquility and mindfulness.

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