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M&K International is a family blog and content creation business that focuses on the small family part-time travel, minimalist lifestyle and social media business advice. We aim to inspire others to live a life that is rich in experiences and meaningful connections, and to show them how to make it happen.

Our blog is full of stories about our travels, business tips, and advice on how to live a more minimalist life. We also create content for brands that are looking for an experienced and creative team. Visit our website to learn more about us and our work.



Klara and Mathew

M&K International is a family blog and content creation team of two.

 Coming from different continents, we connected over a shared vision, and have since grown to be a family of three, nurturing our dreams together. With our home base being in Prague, we also have an undying urge to travel and explore. 


Guide to successful Instagram is an e-book with 53 pages to help you boost the Instagram game.


10 Lightroom mobile & desktop presets - that will give you that beautiful aesthetic feel. 

how to pitch to hotels for free night as an influencer

Are you ready to start pitching to hotels for your influencer collaboration and essentially free nights?

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