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7 TIPS For Relaxed Bedtime Routine

How does your bedtime routine look like?

Is it falling into bed after an exhausting day at work where you were multitasking and hardly eating?

Maybe you scroll through your phone or watch silly TV shows until your eyes start to close.

Creating an effective bedtime routine is vital for a good night sleep for resting your body to be full of energy for the next day.

Sleep is seen as an enemy to productivity — a human limitation that you need to overcome so you can get more done. Perhaps that’s why a popular sleep-related search term is “sleep hacks”.

However, you can only push yourself so far before “hacking” sleep leads to health issues, that will dramatically change your life.

Choose at least one, better two out of my 7 Tips to for Relaxed Bedtime Routine, it will for sure transform your evenings for the better.

7 TIPS For Relaxed Bedtime Routine

Skin Care Routine One of the most important parts of a bedtime routine is to take five minutes to remove not just your makeup, but also the dust and pollution that has gathered on your face during the day. Your skin will thank you in the days, weeks and years to come.

I am sure you know, that washing your face before bed time reduces breakouts and wrinkles as well as gives your skin a fresh start and who would say no to that.

This year i have created a new routines as i have started using new products. No more this is pretty, this is on sale and that i saw in this or that commercial. I now have few very good products, that make me feel good.

Make a List of To-Dos for the Following Day I used to have wake up moments of -sh* i have to do this tomorrow or i never did it today. Does not happen anymore, because i sit down with my diary and i write down all the tasks i want to be done tomorrow.

Not only does it give you a sense of relief but it also prepares you for conquering tomorrow.

Take Time to Wind Down There is always the temptation to work work work until you fall into bed in exhaustion. Your body and mind need time to wind down at the end of the day. An important part of an effective bedtime routine is to have your time and take it easy. It doesn’t have to be an hour or even 30 minutes. Just know yourself. How long does it take you to wind down before bed? Prioritize that time and you will be surprised the impact it will make on the following day.

7 TIPS For Relaxed Bedtime Routine

Don’t Wind Down with Electronics You’ve heard it before, but I will say it again. Turn off your electronics before bed. Don’t scan through Instagram or read news prior falling asleep. Studies have shown that using electronics before bed increases our alertness at night, which makes it difficult to truly rest. This reduction in REM sleep makes us less alert for the following day.

Also, it truly does not help, when you read negative news, you stress yourself and it will project into your sleep and maybe even dreams. So what to do? Grab a book! Or meditate or spend time day dreaming building sand castles with your partner in bed :)

7 TIPS For Relaxed Bedtime Routine

Wear Loose and Cozy Pajamas or sleep naked! I never understood people falling asleep yoga pants and hoodie or even the clothes they wore that day. Your body knows the difference, so make yourself a favor and get yourself at least two set of quality and comfy adult like PJ. even that simple attire will make your head know it is time to sleep body, time to rest.

And on the other hand, sleeping naked helps your body maintain its natural sleep rhythms including circadian cycles, which are key to helping you get deep, restful sleep. it is also way healthier for women´s VG and Increase fertility among men.

Go to Sleep at a Decent Time An essential part of going to bed is going to sleep at a decent time. Know your body. Do you function at 100% with only 4 hours or do you need at least 8? Whatever amount of sleep you need, make it happen.

I can get up as early as 5am, and am off my energy by 9pm, which is my bedtime.

Do you want a good night of rest or do you want to watch another episode? Can the dishes wait until morning? Sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing for another, but goodnight sleep has always been more important to me.

Diffuse Calming Oils Oh the time i got the diffuser, it changed my life. It is the favorite part of my bedtime routine. Find oil that makes you feel good. For example lavender works well for good sleep. I use mix like Finnish sauna - that is just so calming as it ultimately takes me to Finland, its woods, far away from fast and hectic capital city.

If you don´t want a diffuser you can have a look at ready to use sprays.



7 TIPS For Relaxed Bedtime Routine
7 TIPS For Relaxed Bedtime Routine

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