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3 cafes in Prague with the cutest interior

Does not matter if you are a coffee or a tea lover if you want to hang out with a book or a friend, i am sure you will love these three cafes we have just recently tried for you. It is true that there is just so many in Prague and some of them are known more than others. Into some, you even need a reservation at any time of the day, because they are simply so famous and full all the time.

We will be visiting more places and therefore stay in contact with us to know - where is the best chai latte, where to go to read a book, where to grab a coffee to sit in a garden and many more are coming.

This is a tricky one. If you go around, you might be like oooh this is cute and so small and hidden, this must be a rear find. No, it is not. even though this cafe is off the tourist track, you might want to make a reservation. I guess it is the interior or the possibility of sitting outside, in a garden with a tiny pond with ducks. Yop, you are reading well.

Interior looks like you entered into an old, vintage-like apartment of your granny - with carpets, photos on the wall, older (but stable) chairs where each is different. They also have a nice choice of drinks, not just coffee, but also some limo, matcha, chai and other specialities. Of course cakes on display for you to choose.

Love the interior here, it is very unique! The choice is not that big, when it comes to the amount of coffee or snacks, but if you are simply looking for a cup of coffee in a beautiful and quiet spot, then this might be it. The order comes on a silver plate with a piece of flower of pine for decoration. Oh and their menu is hand written in an old books or school notebooks. How cool is that? Space is pretty small, not for bigger groups of people and reservation is a good idea. Also they do not take cards so make sure to have some change with (i did not have - as per usual)

Still not that known place, i rate newly open (did not ask, can´t say for sure), but totally Instagramable! It does not matter if you are not a fan of this platform, but you will for sure love the furniture and food. This place is perfect for breakfast with its waffles, pancakes and some sandwiches. If you love to eat even with your eyes than this is the spot. Prices are still doable compared to its posh look. Downstairs is enough space for a bigger group of friends.



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