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Multitasking - the problem of this era

Recruiter asks: What are your strengths?

A perfect job candidate´s answer: I am capable of multitasking, doing more things at the same time with great results, I do not mind working under pressure or in a stressful environment and I am able to follow the dead lines with 100% accuracy.

It sounds great to companies. Blissful this song for their ears. You will be powerful, do a lot of work and bring profits. Well, and if you burn out or get a heart attack, they just hire someone else. A bit of a black humor i am sorry, but that´s how it is.

Especially women are perfect, when multitasking. They are able to work fully while chatting with a friend and play the role of a psychologist for her home issues. At the same time thinking what to buy and cook that day, just to pick up a call from her partner, who is unable to find the food she prepared for him the other evening. In a meanwhile she came up with a plan for their summer vacation and solved the needed logistics for the afternoon, when she has to pick up the children.

Women also suffer from the Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis much more than man. There are many causes, but doctors strongly agree that multitasking is one of them.

How to get out of this carousel? Simply do one thing at a time. Immerse yourself in the moment you are experiencing, be it reading, work, cleaning, cooking or sports. Do one thing and concentrate on it, devote yourself to it and direct all your thoughts to it. Not only will it get better, but also faster. So in the final you can do more than what you would do with multitasking.

In the morning, write down what you need to do that day, and take these things one by one. Start lightly, for example, with just three tasks that won't take you more than an hour each. Do not add tasks above these stated in the morning. On the other rather relax - in the bath, in the gym, take a nap, read a book etc. Treat yourself to at least 15 minutes each day that will be solely and selfishly yours, only for your own pleasure or development.

It will be a time to help you reboot, fully realize your life and the world around you.

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