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Pytloun hotel in Harrachov mountains

For our weekend stay in Harrachov, which was mainly about the mountain hike (video). we chose the 4* hotel Pytloun which has a small chain of hotels throughout the Czech republic.

The reason why we booked this particular hotel was that it is a wellness hotel, right on the hiking trails and the hotel rooms looking attractive. We were just curious as to how they would look like, while not being photo shopped for their site.

Have you ever had the problem that something was presented to you somehow but then you arrived and it looked absolutely different? That is what we hate and want to prevent in the future for others.

So that was what kind of happened here.

Hotel entrance

Hotel from the parking lot

We know that we should not judge upon the outside visual, so we just skipped the oldish but still ok look and went inside. Big minus is i think that from the parking lot you have to go up a steep hill to get to the main door, which can be really tricky in the winter, not good for old people and when it's raining you get a free shower before you even get to your room.

The reception was also a bar area, which was run by a single man. Unfortunately did not know about our specials and i had to ask about everything regarding the wifi, time of food servings and so on.

Surprise! lift did not work and the hotel has five or six floors. (Imagine the walking up and down)

advertised room
room we got

(our picture vs original picture)

When we got to our room we understood that they just tried to somewhat fix the old communist building, which was seen on the old door locking system and very thin walls which we found out in the evening where a family of four got busy with their small children.

But i have to say, our bedroom was nicely renovated and had a very nice look to it. On the other hand, little armchairs in the room (additional spare beds) could of been changed as well. Upon trying them we found a lot of stains and that it had been basically over used.

dinner Mathew had
dinner Claire had

We were on a half board basis, where our impression from the dinners were very low. There was a menu hanging on a door in a frame, but was outdated. So by the table we had a completely different menu, where nothing was really a winning option. The look and taste was of a school canteen level and even we would be able to cook better.

Breakfasts on the other hand were very nice. We were able to have champagne, make our smoothie or waffles, there was also a selection of fruits, pastry, müsli and other assortments. And even though the place was busy, one single woman was able to handle the tables and take care of refilling the plates and bowls.

What we were also very dissatisfied from was, that we were told they have a wellness and play room. Well wellness was under reconstruction and closed and the playroom consisted of ping pong table in a room which was not done yet. No paint on the walls, cables were out from the walls and floor, mess around, carpet partially rolled away. Not happy at all.

As i said earlier they have more hotels in the Czech republic and would be really interesting to visit them too.

See more in video below.



Our rating among 4* hotels - 5/10


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