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5 Surprising things your dog knows about you!

Are you a dog person? Then you definitely know that your four-legged fluffy friend can do a lot.

Although their face might be silent, they know more about you than many relatives and friends. And sometimes even more than you. Your dog partner can recognize how you feel, what you (don't) like, and can even recognize that you are ill. That you don't like someone When you meet a neighbor who doesn't suit you well, even though you normally have fun together, your best hairy friend will know right away that you don't like her. He notices how your breathing has accelerated, albeit slightly, and his body has stiffened and he has begun to secrete pheromones that indicate negative feelings. In short, it is immediately clear to him that this is not your man. Where you just came from The dog has an incomparably more developed sense of smell than the vast majority of other mammals - it smells up to 40 times better than humans. In addition, it has a so-called olfactory memory. So if you came from work, from the supermarket or from a date, it has long had odors from there in its "odor categories" - and it clearly indicates where you really were. The dog is not only waiting for you faithfully, but also knows where you came from, who you met and what your mood is

That you are pregnant or will give birth soon You have no idea yet, but your dog does. His two hundred million olfactory cells can detect very hormonal changes in his mistress's body from the very beginning of his pregnancy. Some dog owners have certainly experienced the following situation: when their birth was really approaching, their furry pet did not want to move away from them. He registered another significant hormonal change, which is the trigger of childbirth. His natural instinct then commands him to be close to his mistress - he needs to protect her. Dogs protect their pregnant owners and then they are sensitive to nannies and newborns They will sense your fear or sadness Dog pets will unmistakably feel that you are afraid of something. Fear is basically stress, during which the brain sends a signal to produce adrenaline. It is a defense mechanism in case you have to flee or otherwise fight for your life. The dog recognizes the adrenaline very well, but unlike the wolf, he does not intend to abuse him to attack, on the contrary, he will try to calm you down with his behavior. With the same certainty as fear, a dog can recognize sadness. Every dog ​​owner experienced in moments of longing that his hairy partner had come, laid his head on his lap and made him loving company. Health People who suffer from epilepsy, severe diabetes or other life-threatening illness often acquire specially trained dogs - they can warn of an impending seizure. He senses a chemical change in the body before the problem occurs and notifies the owner in time. Recent research has shown that dogs can detect diseases that have already broken out in the body, but do not yet manifest themselves on the outside - specifically, it should be various types of cancer. However, the study of this area is still in its infancy.


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