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6 TIPS How To Travel as a Couple and Survive

While couples travel is absolutely amazing, travel is just one of those things that throws you into unusual situations with a partner and puts you through experiences both good and bad. It can be easy to grow frustrated and even fight, even while doing something as fun, romantic, and freeing as traveling.

You have someone with whom you can share all the impressions instantly, the accommodation costs are divided into two and you do not have to do a selfie because there is always someone who can take that shot of you.

In our relationship i am something like a little travel agency. I am able and willing (and simply have to) to arrange everything. Write it all down on a map. I just want to be ready, to know what is worth seeing, how much is the currency, where it is good and cheap to eat, what the local people recommend and so on. If i don´t do that, i´d be afraid to miss out on something. We usually have short trips and so i want to see something without ,,Hmm where next, where we could actually go" - and loose precious time like that. I don´t want to come back home, just to find out there was a lot of places we never saw, food we never tried and so on.

Make compromise

While travelling or on a vacay, there can always be something that one is enjoying and the other one is bored. Luckily we can agree with most of the things, but still when i plan i try to look for some architectural beauty such castles monuments and so on, as that is what he enjoys and then we go to some interesting restaurant or vegan bistro as i am the one who explores through the taste.

Talk about money

Talk about the money before you even go, because money can always be a hot topic. Decide beforehand who will pay what, whether you pay for food and your significant other for entrances, or you split everything evenly, or you both pay for your own all the time. When it comes to us, we pick one card (which currently has more) and that one we use. After we come back we split the bills in half so we both paid the same amount. We do not think into such details like my food was 8 Eur and his 12 eur, or that I had a bottle of water plus.

Some personal space

Give each other a bit of space as well. Each of you should have some time only for yourself, to do whatever you want. One might ant to take a nap, while the other feels more like gym or a swim. For someone it can be very difficult to be together 24/7 and so think about these moments to not be on each other nerves.

Just leave it

Any special habits he/she might have, that annoys the sh** out of you, just leave it. Try to absolutely ignore them as we all have something (we might not want to even hear or admit) and you really do not want to spoil your mood or entire holiday because of that. Try to make fun of it instead.

Calm down

In case something happens - they rob you, you lose, forget or brake something, etc. Be your dear´s support that he/she so desperately needs in such situations, there is always some solution, which can be brought to light only with a calm mind. There is really no need for "I told you so / I knew you would screw up / That is typical of you!" You certainly won´t bring any good, the holiday will truly be ruined and your partner might loos the trust in you.

Do not obsess over getting the perfect photo

Speaking of Instagram of course, everybody wants that perfect photo that will go viral on social media, but try to focus on your trip and not that much on the perfect photo.

On the other hand we love to take photos, document our trip and some time we even HAVE TO take staged images due to some partnership or brand collaboration we agreed on.

And that is where my planning comes in game. I travel with a list of paper with written down places and even poses we want to take and we try to do these first or early in the morning and then go casually on with our day.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with a cute travel selfie.


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