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The Most Common Travel Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Some of the travel mistakes i will write about, are just a minor inconvenience, depends of course how you see it, but others might absolutely ruin your travel experience, trip or vacation.
Nonetheless, they are all all important reminders of what NOT to do when you travel.

Packing more than you need

The first mistake you should avoid is pretty obvious, yet happens all the time as people tend to pack way more than they need. Especially girls right? You want to take all the cool bikini, dresses, shoes etc., but it’s just not practical. Half way through the trip you realize, you didn't wear half of the things, that are in your bag!

Capsule wardrobe is the best for this and of course planning ahead. Pack such things, that you can combine in more than one way and focus on light weight clothing.

Here is a tip - lay out everything you would want to take with and at the end get rid of a third of it.

The Most Common Travel Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Not checking entry requirements beforehand

It is as simple as that - No visa, no vacation. And that is something you want to prevent. Depends on where you are from of course as the requirements differ. Some countries can issue a "quick" visa right at the airport, but it also can be more expensive or require you to stand in long ques.

But there are countries, where you HAVE TO apply online several days ahead and fill out a questionnaire.

Another warning is, that most countries require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months, so double-check the expiration date otherwise you might not be allowed into the country and let me tell you, that after several hours on the plane, turning around on spot and going home is the last thing you really want!

Not double-checking your documents and bookings for errors

ALWAYS double check your name and details on any ticket or booking you are about to make.

A little mistake or misspell happen easily, but it can cause major problems. The staff can denie you to board the plane as the name on your ticket and ID does not match, you may have booked the hotel only from tomorrow and today they are sold out .. and so on.

Always double check!

Underestimating time required for security at the airport

Does not matter if we fly internationally or just within Europe, we are always at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

As you never know, what can happen. You might forget something at home or in the hotel and this time gives you still some time to go back for it or deal with the problem on spot.

During the security you have to take some stuff out and then you might be pulled aside for special luggage test and stuff like that and that can be super stressful when constantly checking the time of your departing aircraft.

Also, if you are with friends or with your partner, you just risk getting into an argument which is really not necessary, you will be stressed for no reason and that is not a good start of your vacation.

You can use the excess time at the airport to organize and plan the last details of your trip, research some more places you want to visit or simply relax with a book.

Booking flights with a short layover

Long airport waiting can be boring, but if you do not plan well enough, and try to cut the time a short layover can backfire.

If you booked two connecting flights as a one ticket from one company you are ok, as the connecting aircraft usually waits couple minutes or if you truly missed it, than the company has to help to put you on another available flight.

Whereas if you booked single tickets let´s say from different companies and you did not make it, you will have to buy another ticket to get to your destination.

Give yourself at least a two-hour layover so you have time in case of any possible scenario. Your flight could be delayed, there might be a long line at customs or the terminals are super far apart, problems or a lot of people on the passport control .. you name it.

It is better to grab some food and stretch your legs rather than running through and stressing.

Losing money in exchange transactions

Travelling to a country where they have a different currency? Changing your money at the airport is the surest way to lose money in exchange transactions. The rates and fees are generally much higher at the airport, which is why we prefer to pay everything with our cards and withdraw cash at our final destination.

Have a look at some traveler friendly cards from your country as they tend to have better exchange rates with no costs for payments and so on.

Don’t be too ambitious

One of the most common mistakes is creating an overambitious itinerary, which is packed with what to see and do almost every hour and with no time to rest.

You have to think than, what is more important for you, to see as much as possible in a short period of time or see things properly with the possibility to just indulge in the moment?

We usually do day itineraries with the main things and then have a list of extras so when we do have the time we do not have to loose time searching for places and can go right away.

Also, we love to get lost on the way and that is i think the best thing how to get to know the place, see hidden corners and find interesting stores or restaurants.

Having all your valuables in one place

When it comes to carrying money and other valuables, do not have it all in one bag. The last thing you want is your bag with your money, cards, phones and passports being stolen and you are left with nothing.

Not Buying Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers cancellation fees, so if you unexpectedly can’t make your vacation or business trip, you won’t be out hundreds of dollars. Some plans also cover emergency medical expenses if your own health insurance plan doesn’t cover you outside your country it is definitely great to have. We never leave the country without one, even if it was to go to a neighboring country as the bill for a single check up can be the price of another ticket. Better save than sorry.


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The Most Common Travel Mistakes & How To Avoid Them
The Most Common Travel Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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