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5 hours in Venice was worth it

Not always we are lucky enough to have a long vacation. But we already started saving. We haven´t had a proper vacation in some time now, as we´ve been doing only prolonged weekends and trips, so we never really have the proper relax time, to just switch off. And once in a while, it is quite needed.

Anyway, if you want to see as many places as possible, or at least to get somewhere else, than just to your office or family cottage, then keep an eye for flight fares. Airlines are constantly coming up with actions and sales. However, be quick. Some of the fares are only for a limited quantity of seats or, the offer lasts for only some time, like until midnight or so.

We were lucky enough to buy tickets for a quick visit to Venice and so we took our grandparents with. So that they get something in return from the grandchildren, for all the summers spent in their place. This time we flew with Easy Jet, with just a little backpack, and if I could pack properly, (I still do not wear like half of my suitcase i packed), then we could have such easy and often travels.

All i knew about Venice before i even arrived, were just information from the internet, where i learned, that Venice is sinking, it stinks, everything is expensive and is crowded. So, first of all, it does not stink, yes it is full of people, but which touristy European place isn´t? And prices are touristy like, you again have to know where to go.

There are several ways how to get to the city. if it was just us, i would have probably go for super cheap option on the way there to save some money and on the way back would hire the taxi, just to be able to experience a bit of the VIPeness :D

But with my grandparents i needed to show them as much as possible with only limited time spend walking (obviously, they are over 70 years old so ..)

At the airport, we took a long corridor to a harbour, where you can get the tickets for water transport. We chose the blue line that goes through Murano and arrives directly at Piazza di San Marco. Ideal trip i would say as we saw even like the outside of Venice. Boats are a bit closed of though. you sit on the inside and have a bit of a limited view, so better to choose a window seat to be able to stand.

We took a quick look at the Doge's Palace and church and quickly got further to the centre to hide from the heat and also to escape the number of people.

Obviously when in Italy there is a long list of food, that you should try and not miss. Two of them are obviously ice-cream and pizza. And i swear on to spots in Venice. gelato di Natura, really not far from the famous piazza has incredible ice-creams, where you can truly taste the fruits and amount given can compete with the size of lunch.

For your afternoon pizza try the pizzeria Megaone which is close to the Ponte di Rialto. It is a small store hidden in a smaller street and if we were not looking for it, we would have missed it. The piece cost here only 2,5 EUR and it is huge, i could not even finish! And it is literally, no kidding, the absolutely best pizza i have ever tried!

What i found a little bit frustrating was the little number of toilet options which cost approximately 1,5 eur to use (here were people right about the smell).

I would definitely love to come here again for two nights, to be able to dedicate one full day for getting lost. I found that this is the best technic to get to know the city and find interesting spots, stores and so on.


Water transport from the airport to Piazzale San Marco

Alilaguna return trip 27Eur (approx an hour)

Bus transport from the airport to Piazzale Roma

Atvo return trip 15 eur (approx 20 mins)



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