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6 steps to plan your next trip

There are people who do not plan at all, just pack their bags and go. There are people who travel several times a year to multiple destinations, but there are also people - and there is NOTHING to be ashamed of - who do not travel that often or this might be their very first time. What ever it might be, this little ,,Plan your trip guide" was written for you guys, to inspire you, and maybe help your holiday to be without stress and very easily planned.

So let' s get started.


Whether you travel alone, with friends or family, you should always think of some crucial things and one of those is for sure budget. Have an amount in mind (or on paper) which is the top for you that you want to spend and can save up. You have to count with some unexpected payments such as doctor, new ticket for a missed train and other occasions which can occur (but we do not want to stress you with that) It will also be easier for you to proceed with choosing the destination and the length of stay.

Type of transport

Every transport has it's pluses and minuses which you have to include into your decisions. Flying is obviously an option for long distance, but when flying from Prague to Rome it can be costy - more expensive than bus or train, on the other hand faster. By train or bus you can enjoy the landscapes and scenery, but you cannot stop wherever you want to, to take a picture. That you are able only with a car, but there you will have to pay petrol.

See? It really depends on that type of holiday, how much money and time you are willing to spend.

Mango airline


Now when you know the budget and the preferred way of transport suitable to your budget, you can decide where to actually go. Do you want to relax, explore, admire architecture, eat in lavish restaurants, visit museums ... each time make some research. You don't want to go for example to Paris only because they say it is nice. What would you visit there? Like us we more prefer the nature, small towns, villages and local people rather than touristy traps.

Rather safe than sorry

Even though your plans might be to go to the neighboring country to do mountain hikes, what could possibly happen there right? Don't be foolish and make sure you have a travel insurance and also let your family know where you going.

When travelling by plane, put an insurance even on your luggage, as some airlines or airports just loooove to loose them.

Another thing is to have a copy of your passport or ID card and never have all your money and cards in one bag, which could get stolen.


Here again, do you wish to have the comfort of looking messy, waking up late and eating whatever it may be in bed or half naked on a balcony? Or you rather prefer to have fresh towels each night and breakfast ready for you in the hall? We usually decide according to the price of it all. If there is a reasonable price of a hotel with at least breakfast, and that hotel has a spa, then they got our attention for sure. On the other hand now for our summer holiday we booked a villa, which was so much better looking than a prepared breakfast in a hotel. Plus it has a garden with a fireplace - so there were no doubts there.

And where do we book? Choice number one is definitely (registering through this link you get 10% out of your stay amount back)

Our next option is where we can either stay with the locals or again rent their entire apartment or villa out.

Camp's Bay South Africa


Make sure to check other travelers advice on what to see or do around. Are there interesting museums, sights, restaurant, festival or other actions? Once there make sure to make the most of it, you do not want to come back home and read in the newspapers that this or that was the best or nicest you could see or experience. Check the tripadvisor site, which is easy to search in

These easy steps you should always have in mind and decide accordingly. At the end you want to come back from your trip and be full of stories, relaxed, have happy memories and card full of photos. No one really once to come back from their holiday and to be even more tired than before or angry and short on money. Make the best out of it, even though there might be some cons to it like delays and so on, these things always happen. You should definitely not regret going for holiday, but that might happen, if you don't prepare.

In next blog posts we will be speaking more in depth about airports, airlines, luggage and all of these things around travelling.

So stay in touch and subscribe to not miss it. Share if you liked this one and take care.

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