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Am i missing being pregnant? Plus my birth experience in Vinohrady hospital

Some pregnancy words

I never though i would say that i actually miss being pregnant. If i can give you one advice here, that is cherish these moments, enjoy them and focus just on yourself. The time flies so fast and before you even know it is is gone. Sure, you than have your little one right next to you and that is for sure beautiful, but pregnancy is truly a nice part of this entire journey.

I am not gonna lie and say that yes i did experience discomfort, major tiredness, i was short of breath and everyday tasks started to be a mission for me, but it was also the time that brought us closer together with my husband, when he was laying so close to my tummy to listen to the heart beat and tickle his little feet as they were kicking.

Spoil yourself and slow down. Go for massage (i went just for one), do pregnancy yoga (never got round to it), book some pregnancy photoshoot as you really want to remember this! I would suggest to do some courses, so you plus minus know, get ready for the little one with all he may need, at least in the first weeks (i totally underestimated the amount of diapers and simple burb cloth) and read up a bit because there might be a "And what now?!" moment as you come home.

Am i missing being pregnant? Plus my birth experience in Vinohrady hospital

Birth experience

Our date was 12th of August and so when i experienced "some weird pain" on the 17th of July i was a bit confused. It also did not feel like everybody was saying. My info was to go to hospital when they are each 5mins for at least 2 hours, well i had just couple of those (like four) and then it stopped. "Ok cool those are just the practicing ones" so i turned in bed to continue sleeping and i was laying in water (my water broke round 8am), went to toilette and woke up Mathew with "I might be in labor" .. What?Now? :D he was not calm what so ever!

I called to hospital, that i do not really have contractions, but i guess my water broke - ok come immediately. So we called a taxi. Receptionist wasn´t really nice "So like what, you are in labor?" i guess as i was walking, talking and not showing signs of pain, she did not believe me.

They checked babies heartbeat and wanted to send me home, then the rest of my water left and they wanted to leave me in a bedroom with other mammas who were waiting for the proper contractions. But as we were filling papers with Mathew, contractions were increasing in strength and length - "Ok, we will keep you here in the labor room" THANKS! :D

As i got into the room, we made some rearrangements and at that point i was in my own bubble. In an hour i got a check up, she said i was open on 6cm and that by the evening i will have my baby (it was just before noon and my first thought was i am gonna die here) She then returned to again check the heartbeat (for like 20mins) and when it was done and she saw me she was just like "Is it that intense?" i truly felt like an idiot who cannot handle a little pain, but then she said oh you are 8cm, how about a warm shower, that helps. And it did, it was so nice ... that nice that i started pushing! I got out of the shower and was like i think he is coming ... her eyes went huge and ran for the doctor. When i layed on the bed, they wanted to monitor his heartbeat again, but very quickly found out i am truly pushing and he is coming! 4 pushes and at 13:23 we were done and together.

As he came sooner, i got a week stay in hospital so i got to experience it fully. I got a private room with my husband which is 2.000,- a night (without him 1.500,-) and it was worth it. I really do not like to share toilette and i was able to get some sleep, without people walking in and out or other babies crying.

Food was .. well ... hospital food, though i at least had a vegetarian option. I documented it just see for yourself.

Vinohrady hospital private room

I have to say, that if it wasn´t for ONE PERSON! My stay would had been amazing. I had very nice and friendly staff, everybody was trying to help and explain, teach the new mom who had no freaking idea, what she was doing. But it always takes that one person, who is able to screw that all up.

You are vulnerable person who just opened a new chapter in their life, you are full of hormones and questions about unknown and an assistant, who is supposed to be a bit of a support is able to laugh in your face, tell you thing like you are not competent enough, do you not worry, do you want your baby to die .. or tell you one thing and then something completely else, expects you to know even what you were not told. Unfortunately she drove me into spiral of tears, fear and self doubt, with which i was dealing with even at home after our arrival.

If you are thinking to give birth in Vinohrady i can totally recommend the facility and 99% of their staff.


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Am i missing being pregnant? Plus my birth experience in Vinohrady hospital

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