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Riessersee (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany)

The hotel has a perfect location, if you ask us. Situated away from the city's rush, yet you can easily reach it even by foot. In the morning, before breakfast, you can take a walk around the man-made lake and enjoy the view of the Alps as a stunning picture. Riessersee Hotel is again one of those, that actually looks better in reality, than on a website and such hotels we love the most. The wow effect upon arrival is what we constantly seek for.

Unfortunately, we did not have the best weather we could have imagined and we also spent such a short time in there. Nonetheless we always have a review for you from our trips.

So let´s begin.

Main entrance to the Riessersee hotel
Lobby with bar in Riessersee hotel
Claire by a fireplace in Riessersee hotel
Lobby with a chill corner of a Riessersee hotel

The hotel building is quite large, as it consist of several interconnected buildings, but luckily it is no maze.

Through the glass door you get to the spacious lobby with a reception and a fireplace that can give a cozy and romantic flames in the evening. Nothing electrical only the good old real fire place, so you can comfortably sit in an armchair near it and enjoy a glass of wine. The corridors are soundproofed with carpets and a door from your room is massive and heavy, so you can enjoy peace of mind in silence. Rooms might not be in a favor of everybody as it is a distinctive style of the hotel. Smoky wood, golden lights, red carpets, kind of like a retro or old times design. Our room was full of light thanks to two windows and a large balcony.

Our room with balcony in Riessersee hotel

Our room was right in front of a lift that leads to a wellness area, so it gave us a very quick access. Unfortunately, the elevator was not marked in any way, so we learned about where it leads, only because we simply like to try everything. As soon as we were in the lift, the chlorine we could smell in the air just gave it away and soon we found ourselves in a corridor leading to the pool and also right by the door to the saunas. The swimming pool is quite large at the Hotel Riessersee, so you can also take the few healthy tempos or just simply relax on either a classic lounger along the pool or on the other side of the room in a whirlpool.

If, eventually, you had enough of the swimming, then you can move into a fitness or to the already mentioned saunas with a relaxation room.

The saunas and relaxation zone area could however, experience some renovation. Everything worked just as it should, but at first glance is visible, that the area have the best behind them and are a bit overused. The colors on the walls are faded and the steam in the sauna smelled a bit funky. The water containers, to refresh yourself were almost empty, and there was just too much linen laying around in the relaxation area, even though there was just like five of us.

On the other hand, we never had an issue with getting a new towel as there was a full filled stock of them.

Swimming pool in Riessersee hotel
Mathew in whirlpool in Riessersee hotel

We always look forward to the food part of our trip. May it be the dinner or the breakfast, but it's just our thing. For dinner, we went to a "Lake House", just a few meters from the main hotel building. This place gives you a great view of the lake and during the summer you can also sit on the terrace, which situated on the lake it self, must be incredible. Staff here was very nice, kind, able to recommend us the kitchen´s best and the wine paring. The serving it self was also according to the high standards. As a main dish we had gnocchi, salmon and the selection of chocolates we shared for a dessert. Dinner delicate in each bite.

Even breakfast surprised us pleasantly. It take place in the winter garden and so when there is snow outside, you simply feel like in a winter wonderland. Claire always hopes for lot of fruits and here she was satisfied how with the fruit selection than also with pancakes and soy milk option. Staff was again very friendly dressed in local traditional costumes, which is a nice detail we always love about such hotels.

Riessersee hotel breakfast buffet

Riessersee hotel breakfast

Lake house restaurant

Lake house restaurant menu


Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany

Our rating among 4* hotels 8/10


Video from our stay

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