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Rittis Alpin Chalet (Austria)

Our heart belongs to the mountains. More specifically to the Alps, which will probably never make us doubt, that we have something to be grateful for and that there is such wonderful beauty in the world.

When does anyone say the Alps we always imagine stylish wooden cottages with fireplace and huge window to see the outside beauty and guess what? We found just that!

Nestled on a hillside with a view of the Dachstein Mountainside, you would find a Rittis Alpin Chalets, and their welcoming invite.

We would totally recommend that you give Rittis hotel a go, and can promise you won’t be let down,

Pictures cannot catch the vibe of the place and sometimes may even lie. In this case, we knew the hotel would be nice, according to their website, but when we finally arrived we realized, that reality is even better.

As soon as we entered our apartment, we were astounded by the high ceiling, the ubiquitous scent of wood and the french windows leading to our balcony with a view of the mountains.

The outdoor coldness never bothered us. Thanks to the heated floors, complimentary coffee and fireplace right in front of us, we were warm and cosy all the time.

According to us, there should be a sauna in every proper Alpine hotel and in this one you actually have two options. If you booked an apartment or a penthouse than you will have a private sauna in an on-suite bathroom. Do not expect any mini infra-sauna, but i proper sized, where you can adjust the temperature according to your liking and thanks to a window there, have a view of the surrounding world. The second option is the hotel spa, where there is a spacious sauna, resting area with swinging chairs/beds and a corner with water, tea and apples for your refreshment.

You can also find a smaller but fully equipped gym and a massage room. Those you can book through the reception.

The apartment we stayed in, has the option to extend the number of rooms so that in case of more company or family travel together, the option is there! It also comes with a fully equipped kitchen. You can find even a dishwasher here because no one wants to spend time washing dishes when you can be outdoor or in your own sauna.

Another enjoyment to it all is the fireplace right next to the view of the alps which makes having a romantic evening with your significant other quite scenic! In case you are running dry on wine give that call to reception to arrange a bottle from their bar.

Breakfast the most important part of one’s morning and rightfully so, on arrival you will find a more than happy and helpful person to greet and help you with anything you may need or require. Income wide selection of food and drink, something one is more than happy to see! I could tell you all about it, but I would just make myself hungry all over again, so I recommend you look at the pictures and let your stomach do the talking!

Shortly to mention, if you feel bad of having to leave your beloved companion at home, fear not aparthotel Rittis is actually dog-friendly, only for a fee of 15 EURO’s a night, so you don´t have to travel without your furry friend, take your companion along with you to explore the Dachstein mountain range too.

If you are not convinced enough, let us tell you some more. Your kids will have a small playground with swings to enjoy, just across a field there is a blue ski slope and if you come in the summer season, you can also enjoy the summer card offers. This card is in the price of your stay (not every hotel has it) and it allows you to enjoy discounts and free entries. For example, the Dachstein gondola costs 46 eur per person and you also have to pay a toll for the use of the mountain road, which is 14 eur per car.

All that is for free with this card, so we saved 106 eur on one trip.

We are here to try out hotels for you and to review them in return, so you know, what you are actually booking for your holiday. We are not being paid to visit nor to write these, this opinion is only ours and that's why you can make sure, that whatever we write, is waiting there for you to experience it.

With love Mathew & Claire ...



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Breathtaking!!! The scenery looks so peaceful and relaxing. I would love to take a vacation and stay in that hotel. Looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for sharing!


Mathew & Klara


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Our passion is nature, wellness and photography, we strongly believe, that life is in our hands and with this motto in our mind we create our life path.


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