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Things we learned about Norwegians

What are Norwegian people like, you may ask? We haven´t spent enough time in Norway, but we still were able to learn about Norwegian habits and their lifestyle. Where ever we go, we love to somewhat observe the local people, get to know them and understand more their everyday life and habits. We tend to try and visit the truly local things and places instead of just taking photos of the super touristy spots.

They are really fit!

Like no kidding on this side. The number of people we saw jogging, cycling and going for hikes was incredible. Do not do our mistake and never ask for an expected time frame of the hike. We found out, that their time hugely differs from our untrained one. You think you go to the gym several times a week, but have you hiked in the wind and low temperatures? They do it all the time and they are super immune to that.

(They had two layers of clothing, we had five)

Trollstigen mountains
Alesund lighthouse

Nature therapy is a real thing!

And Norwegians love it as well as the desire to keep their nature clean and pure. Norway was blessed with some of the most beautiful nature on the planet and Norwegians know this and take advantage of it on a regular basis. You cannot possibly be angry, when you see the ruff sea by the fjords, breath the salty and clean air and hear the seagulls, while they cruise in the wind above your head.

Norwegians cook at home a lot

Eating out in Norway is very expensive. No, really like truly expensive (we talk about it in our video) and so they do not spend fortune outdoors when they can have a cozy meal inside with some friends or family over.

Their English is better than mine

Whenever - wherever - whoever we asked, we were always able to get a very good English reply. Whereas in Prague for example, you might struggle in smaller stores as well as even in the streets of the city centre. Good school system?


Restaurant´s decor
Godoya bay
Godoya lighthouse

They have a great style

I really feel like every Norwegian person has a good style and sense for not just clothing, but also for interior design. Lot of them tend not to have curtains in their homes, so even when you are not staring, you can clearly see some glimpse of their personal life perfectly designed. In the streets, we never saw a person who would wear something that does not match or looks out of place. even that some of their pieces looked like generations worn it already, it still somehow looked stylish.

If out, then in groups

We found out, that Norwegian people really stick together and they care about their friends and family. whenever we saw people in restaurants or bars it was a group of visibly happy people having a good time. There were rarely just couples. Even though in groups and having a good time, they are not loud nor rude.

We weren´t in Norway long enough to be able to experience or observe more, but we can for sure say, that you will enjoy it here. oh no, you will love it! If you can stand the cold and prices.

Norway Godoya
Norway mountains
Norway Fjords

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