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Travel to Bali in Crete, Greece

I was dreaming about going to Bali and i have to say, that what you wish for you get!

But you better wish properly, cause not always you get it in the same shape or form you thought you would. And therefor we happened to go to Bali in Greece and not in Asia.

Travel to Bali in Crete, Greece

Bali is a region in northern part of Crete. And why the name Bali?

One version says that it originated in the Turkish era, where the area was named balli, (in Turkish "honey") because of the many beehives. According to another version, the fishing village was named Bali after the Turkish word ballik, which means fish.

Today, Bali is a modern resort with a wide variety of taverns, restaurants, small shops, a diving school, bars, discos, clinic and pharmacy. Moreover, buses from Heraklion and Rethymnon run to Bali.

The longest beach you find in the region is called Livadi and that is where we have stayed. From here you can take a mini train and for 7eur get a return ticket to do something like a hop on hop off tour of the area, that consists out of 4 beaches.

What to do in Bali, Crete?

On Livadi beach we strongly recommend you to try the parasailing experience! I was afraid at first, but it was soooo much fun and the view you get! If you are not up for boats and heights get a kayak and go for an excursion either alone or on a "safari" where there is more of you in a group.

Hotel Nostos right at the beach has great cocktails and menu offer for lunch or dinner.

Travel to Bali in Crete, Greece

The next beach Varkotopos we didn´t find very appealing, until we found a nice blue and white staircase (exact location here) where we stayed on the rocks and snorkeled in the area.

Limani or the harbor beach is a very picturesque port of Bali with the real Greek feel to it.

Here we recommend you the Harbour Cafe on a cliff above the beach for some drinks or little snack. Sit on the balcony overlooking the entire area and just chill.

If you are looking for a place to eat then try the Panorama restaurant on the other site of the harbor. Again overlooking the beach, boats and nicely in a shade of wine and pink flowers.

The last beach is called Karavostasis and it is the smallest one and the most nature or wild like one in between of the cliffs, then there is only the ruff sea behind. You can snorkel here around or hike up the hill to watch the waves hit the stones on the other side of the bay. There is also a restaurant or a tavern for you to try, but we haven´t experiences this one personally.

Travel to Bali in Crete, Greece
Travel to Bali in Crete, Greece
Travel to Bali in Crete, Greece


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