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How to create habits to achieve your goals

Thousands of people can have the exact same goal, but only a handful of people can actually achieve it. One of the parts of their goal plan certainly were habits. These people created habits, that helped them to achieve their long term goals. Because goal, without a plan, is only a dream.

How to achieve your goals and et habits for success

Goals are great things as they are some sort of an arrow, that takes us through life, but oftentimes we set goals, that can be intimidating. Just imagine - I will write a book in five-month .. or I will lose 20 kilos this year .. or i will learn a new language.

It is hard to track it or achieve it when it looks huge. You need a plan and habits to help you to get there, where you want to be.

If you want to write a book, try to create a habit of writing each day for 15 mins , or write a certain amount of words ... start low, you do not want to be afraid to even sit down and start. How your habit grows, you will outgrow your plan and find yourself to write for 30 mins a day.

The same with losing weight. 20 kilos is a lot, but when you divide it by twelve, then losing 1,5 kilos a month is more than doable. You are able to see your progress like that and that itself is inspiring for you to continue. Go even deeper and plan your workouts like i will work out each day for 10 mins at 7 o´clock in the morning.

How to achieve your goals of losing weight - create habits.


“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”

— Charles C. Nobel


Some people say habits can be created within 21 days, others claim, that it takes something around 66 days. Whichever number is correct, i know, that you can do it. I have created a habit to write a journal and read a couple of pages before sleep. And i think, it actually took me less. Why? Cause i immediately felt the benefits of it. I felt great, relaxed, less stressed and i at the end of the day i o something for myself, to end it off well.

How To Create Your Action Plan

Step 1 / Goal Planner Download the free goal planner here or grab a blank piece of paper. Writing down your goals with pen and paper can make them feel more concrete. Step 2 / Bigger Goals Write down your top 3-5 goals for the year. For each goal, repeat steps 3-10. Step 3 / Set Deadlines Set a deadline for your goal. Be realistic with your time frame, but challenge yourself to get it done sooner rather than later. Step 4 / The Why Write your reason for pursuing this goal. The “why” is important for helping you identify the positive impact this goal will have on your life. Step 5 / Habits Identify a daily or weekly habit that will keep you on track with your goal. For example, keeping your phone in airplane mode while you work. Habits are the framework for success, so it’s important to align your habits with your goals. Step 6 / Action Steps List out every single step that needs to happen to achieve this goal. What it would take to get from A-Z? What about from A-B? Once you’ve done that, condense your list into 3-5 action steps. Step 7 / Order Review your list of action steps and order them in a way that makes sense based on what needs to happen first. Step 8 / Smaller Tasks For each action step you’ve identified, ask yourself what smaller tasks need to get done to make the larger action step easier for you. Step 9 / Due Dates Set a start date and end date for each action step and smaller task. Add them to your calendar or favorite to-do list tool (I love Asana). Step 10 / Reminders Set up reminders on your phone or computer so that you always know when to work on each action step or habit.


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