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Is there a reason why we (should) travel?

The question actually shouldn´t be why to travel, but why aren´t you. I understand that often times the issue is money or not enough time due to office work. We are there too don´t you worry. On the other hand no one is saying, that you have to go to big resorts, staying in hotels or travel to the other side of the planet. There are many options how to manage

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something and it can be a train ride, night in a small apartment rented through airbnb while visiting a neighboring country. Often time we want to travel far, yet we are strangers to our own country or even city.

Travelling though, is freedom. During this time you can be who you truly are, find yourself and maybe find even some gratitude within yourself. You can realize, that even though you did not see it before, you are blessed to even be able to go.

Traveling can sharpen your mind and senses, because often times you are put in different or difficult circumstances and you just simply have to find the solution on your way out.

Travelling is also way more than what we were though in school. No one there told you about the kind people with their warm smiles and interesting stories. No one there told you how salty air by the sea smells like and what an amazing feeling it is when you hit the waves. Neither have they told you, that all this is there for you to explore, see and try, because why would we be given our legs if not for walking around our planet.

So next time when you are booking your holiday or a trip, forget about the two-weeks-laying-on-a-beach-in-a-resort thing and experiment a bit. No article or a book will tell you as much as you can experience on your own out there.

In the upcoming post we will tell you how to save up for your trip.

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