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Women in society and mother shaming

I think that women always had it hard in the society. Through out the history they had to fight for their rights and place next to men. And therefore i just cannot understand, why we can´t just all be "friends".

When a woman doesn´t want to have a child, she is considered weird, because being mother is her "job" and she gets comments like "oh wait once you meet the one", or "you still have time" and so on.

When a woman has only one child she is bad, because child needs somebody to play with.

When a woman has three and more children, she gets questioned and kids taken like if they were a mistake or an condom error.

When a woman decides to stay at home and does not return to work, she is looked at like if she was something less, somebody who is lazy, but taking care of children and household is as demanding, stressful and tiring like a job of a manager leading a team. Plus it is very poorly paid!

When a woman decides to go back to work early, she is a bad mother who chose career over her child.

It seems, like what ever we choose, we can´t ever be right. And these are usually thoughts or comments of the society around us. Sadly though, hurtful comments come from women them selves and that is something i cannot understand. I do have a child and i am happy to be a mom, my boy brings me joy. But i can also openly tell you, that it is fu**ng hard! That i sometimes do have meltdowns and wish for a weekend off! But i absolutely respect other women who choose different path and would never tell them, that they are missing out on something, that they cannot understand until they have a child and other crap. Same like not everybody wants a Lamborghini, villa Tuscany or own business .. then not every woman wants to be a mom and that is OK!

I really wish we could just respect each other decisions and listen to each other without judgment.

What do you think? Have you had any experiences with the above?

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