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The Best Travel Movies To Watch

I guess that everybody has a TV and nowadays we might spend some more time in front of it than ever. I wrote about it already, that we sold our TV and now have just a projector and i have to say, that now, our movie nights are way more special.

It is not just watching a movie it is truly and properly a movie night with all the set up like something to eat, something to drink, cuddle blanket and so on. We also do not watch that often, maybe like once a week.

Anyhow, as we were now all been denied travelling (for a good reason i wanna add) we might miss it badly, at least i do, especially with cancelled trips. I thought you guys would like some travel movies recommendation.

Sometimes it is hard not to start packing.

The secret life of Walter Mitty

I have to put this one as first as we saw it pretty recently and i fell in love with it. The main character is Ben Stiller and hold on a second ... his movies are oftentimes pretty crazy, i know, but this one is different. Starts in New York and with some crazy twists it moves to Iceland and Greenland and with me loving all the northern lush green countries this was the best movie in the last month i saw.

Eat Pray Love

An incredible journey of one woman who gets fed up with her regular life and 9 to 5 job. Beautifully showcasing several countries and you might have the urge to pack your bag too.

The Best Travel Movies To Watch

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

A beautiful combination of Hollywood with Bollywood. A very chilled movie filled with some laughs, colors and Indian culture. There two of them and i would happily watch them both again.

To Rome with Love

Ah ... Rome. It was our first trip with Mathew and so it will always have a special place in our heart. I love the movies where you have several life story narratives and this is exactly it. It is funny as well as crazy and beautiful, filled with typical Italian vibe and some lingo.

Letters to Juliet

Very nice and calm romantic (not too sweet) movie from Verona and the surrounding. Filled with some so typical Italian music, light humor and scenery to continue to dream about. A touching story of an elderly couple.

Mamma Mia

Oh gosh, this movie is so positive, full of great ABBA songs. If Greece was not on your bucket list until now, i am sure it will get there after this movie. I personally liked the first one more and would watch it again. Not so much the second one.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Honestly? This movie actually speaks about my crazy dream i once had. Just find some old house, reconstruct it and live the Bella vita with my Italian neighbors under the hot Tuscan sun. Great movie.

The Best Travel Movies To Watch

A Good Year

A very hard question, where would you rather spend your life ... in a crazy but well-paid job in London or in Provence in your chateau, that you just inherited along with the vineyards? You must watch to know how he decides.

Midnight in Paris

Woody Alan´s movies are always interesting. Here you have a couple on a vacation in Paris, but wait what happens after midnight. You can find yourself in another century, in a company of very interesting people and find this entirely new perspective on Paris.

Into the Wild

Love movies based on an actual story and love movies that are in nature. This was a very nice sometimes very scary, strong story with some pretty views of the Canadian mountains and forests. Just do not try to seek the bus in real life. I read they had to rescue several people.


This is a controversy. It is so funny, nothing really serious and probably rather for a younger generation, but the main character gets to go to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Berlin, and Rome .... little secret to tell - it was almost entirely shot in Prague!

In Bruges

I have to confess, that i did not really get the plot there or the movie itself, but the architecture of the town Bruges is breathtaking. We almost went there last year, just because of this movie, but then it did not work out. Too many dreams too little time.

The Beach

Oh, amazing beach, nothing but nature, who would not want to live at least for a while like Leonardo Dicaprio in this movie? Unfortunately, this movie got that famous, that it absolutely ruined this particular beach and its ecosystem.

The bright and dark side of travel.




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