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Virtual Travel experiences from home

There is probably a reason why you are here, you might not be able to travel. Whether it is due to money situation, health, work or anything else, we got you covered.

We bring you a virtual travel experiences through out the world you might love and eventually one day experience your self.

Virtual Travel experiences from home

Lights over Lapland and dog sledding virtual tour

This is my absolute favorite! I would love to see the northern lights one day, that must such a magical experience. Northern countries can be pretty expensive and not many want to travel to spend their time in cold and dark environment. Luckily, there is an online or virtual tour available for you to see the northern lights, experience the dog and reindeer sledding from your living room.

Visit the website here

Yellowstone and Yosemite online and walking tours.

My bucket list is very wide and it also includes the Yellowstone park in the US, so it is a great opportunity for me to at least see these walking tours online and see a glimpse of what i can look forward to one day maybe see in person.

Yellowstone walking tours watch here

Plenty of Yosemite virtual tours can be found here

Explore the great Pyramids of Giza

Egypt and its pyramids amazed me since high school, there is simply just something mysterious about it and i love to watch movies and documentaries about it when growing up. I unfortunately yet did not have the chance to visit, but i found the amazing project of 3D tours of the pyramids, archaeological information about Giza and history about the settlement.

Click here to be able to explore.

Louvre and the British museum virtual tour

I have visited Louvre several years ago (btw until 26 y.o.a. the entrance is free) and even though i had plenty of time i was not able to see it all. After several hours i left due to hunger :D Thanks to the online world you now have the chance to take a virtual tour.

Explore Louvre here or the British museum here

Virtual tour of the Great Wall of China.

Something as big and monumental might be a thing you really want to see. Even though walking the bricks, laid by people hundreds of years ago, might be a totally different feeling in person, you now have the chance to move along sections of the wall, with 360 degree views and information about the key sections of the wall.

Begin your journey here

UNESCO World Heritage sites

A remarkable Google Earth gives you the opportunity to walk around the 30 World Heritage Sites. Have a look at it here.

Some more tips on what to do, when you cannot travel you may find HERE in another blog of ours, that we wrote. "How to deal with travel itch when you can´t travel"

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