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Have yourself a sustainable Christmas

How to be a bit more eco friendly and have sustainable Christmas?

Is it even possible to be all eco during the Christmas holidays?

Of course, it is possible!

If you care about the world around us as much as we do and you feel like the change is needed, let's read couple tips, we prepared for you in this article, on how to reduce carbon footprint and have yourself a Merry sustainable Christmas this year (and the next ones too)

Have yourself a sustainable Christmas

Christmas is no doubt a wonderful time to spend with family and friends. But it also includes lavish meals, that oftentimes go to waste and gifts, that happen to be unwanted and you have to deal with packaging.

Real or plastic Christmas tree?

A lot of people think, that by buying a plastic tree, they will do good, but it is the opposite actually. In fact, one study shows, that you'd have to use your fake tree for 20 years for it to be greener. A plant is a renewable resource, 100% biodegradable and easily recycled. Plastic Christmas trees are generally made of non-recyclable, non-degradable plastics and metals that won't decompose, meaning they'll all eventually end up in a landfill. Also, their production itself pollutes the air.

You can even rent a tree for the holiday or buy one in a pot to plant it in a garden.

Shop locally

Support small businesses, not only that it helps to boost the local economy, but you will most likely gift something, the person does not have yet and so it is more unique.

Handmade gifts rock!

Create something at home, that will have way bigger value, than just something out of a regular store. Make soap, baked tea, granola, candles and others ...

Minimise plastic wrapping

Try to avoid plastic bag wrapping and have a look at boxes rather and biodegradable wrapping paper. Simple brown paper can be used with paper tapes or juta thread for a bow, ad some cinnamon or dry orange and you have beautiful packaging, that everybody will love (the planet as well)

Have yourself a sustainable Christmas

Reduce food waste

Not just that we eat a lot during the holidays, we also buy more food and throughout more food than ever. Something expires, then there are leftovers or we simply bought more than we could eat. Plan ahead and shop for only what you need. There are also some apps to share your leftovers with those in need. That could be a nice thing to do.

Mind where you shop for food

If the budget allows you i would strongly suggest you buy from local farmers and butchers or try to avoid to eat a lot of meat and imported food. Shopping locally will again support the local economy as well as employment and minimize emissions associated with transporting of such food.

Reuse your Christmas decoration

I am sure that what you had last year can be still good for this year. If not, then try to sell it on eBay or Facebook, i am sure somebody will be glad for a lower price. You can then also buy second hand or create your decor out of what nature gets to offer.



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Dec 11, 2020

I love that you are doing a sustainable Christmas, so much waste happens this time of year it is unbelievable!


Cheyenne Deleo
Cheyenne Deleo
Dec 11, 2020

I love these ideas! I studied sustainability in college and love seeing what other people are doing to be more sustainable.


Sonia Reimannova
Sonia Reimannova
Dec 11, 2020

I have sustainable Xmas. Away from family I don't buy anything. And with family, we follow all the tips above. We don't have a Xmas tree. Merry Christmas!


Diane Molzan
Diane Molzan
Dec 10, 2020

What an enjoyable read except I had no idea my plastic tree was so terrible! On a positive note, now that I have it, I promise not to toss it for at least 20 years but it's too late to go back now. Lots of interesting info in your post. Thanks.


Unknown member
Dec 10, 2020

There are many things we can do to be more sustainable even during Christmas. In my family we actually reuse the gift wrapping if it did not get torn ;-) I usually try to shop locally for the reasons you mention. Sharing leftover food is also a great idea.


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