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7 tips on How to save up for a trip

You may be asking How do people do it, that they travel that often. How can i save up for a vacation? We wrote down some tips, which are no secret and you may have easily realized yourself.

Although you are not the only one who places such questions and we are no different. Unfortunately, we have the typical 9 to 5 job and so our holiday stands on what we can save up and if our employee gives us the off days.

How to save up money for travelling from a standard salary? It might take some time as all comes down to what you are seeking. Of course, Fiji or Peru might be more costly than the surrounding countries like European ones for us, when we travel from Prague.

So first, think of what you want, if a couple of days are fine or you need a month somewhere on a beach, then you know, how much you have to save up.

7 tips on How to save up for a trip

1. Alcohol and cigarettes

I don´t think i really have to speak about this. Do you really need it in your life? Let´s say, that one box of cigarettes costs 5 EUR and you need three a week. That is in average 212 eur a month and 2.544 eur a year! That is no longer just a ticket that can be an entire holiday!

And then when going out for drinks, it is obviously cheaper to get yourself a bottle of wine and share it with your friends or relatives in your backyard.

2. Eating outside or food delivery

Just for the hell of it, count how many times you actually go out to eat or how many times you have food to be delivered to you. I totally understand, that it is easier and faster and a lot more comfortable, BUT also pricey. How much is your meal? Let´s count with 10 eur, let´s say that you do this maybe two times a week, that means, that you spent 80 euros, only on such quick lazy meals. Without snacks and other food that you might buy.

Now it sounds like i am telling you not to eat. Hell no, we also love to eat, but when we cook we even spent some time together so two in one and we get to choose the ingredients and cook for like three days ahead.

Saving money and time as well.

Plan it on the weekend and enjoy your week without spending too much and thinking about food. Your energy can be put into some other things.

7 tips on How to save up for a trip

3. Cosmetics

If you think that this is a women´s topic, then you are wrong. Some men can actually have more than women.

Where i am getting with this point is that we usually get things which are new or trendy. Then it does not work for us and it keeps laying in our draws and we land up with creams for absolutely every inch of our body.

Think of what works for you, if you truly need this cream and have products that can be used in multiple ways. Such as coconut oil. I use it as a hair mask as a makeup remover, instead of toothpaste, also as a body cream and for cooking. Tadaaaaa one glass for the majority of my needs - saved a lot.

4. Clothing

I am not saying that you have to walk towards complete asceticism, but these days we have more than we need or can wear. I understand, that you want to look good, but do you truly need that much in your wardrobe or will you truly be more beautiful in a t-shirt for 100 euros than in the one for 10 euros?

The amount you pay is actually 100 times higher, than it´s the true value, only because it is brand stuff, but it still keeps using the same fabrics and same kinds in Bangladesh as some cheaper brand.

Try some second-hand stores, just give them a try, you might find something interesting i am sure. Try to sell what you have and don´t wear, some extra cash is always nice.

7 tips on How to save up for a trip

5. Internet, cable TV or phone providers

Is it truly necessary to have 250 channels on your tv? Do you need to pay 45 euro monthly (that is an average apparently) for your cell phone bill, only to be able to be online whenever and wherever?

We don´t even have a tv and i have to tell you that it is freeing! We no longer spent money on electricity, cable tv and the time is ours. The same with the cell phone bill. I do not have the internet in my phone simply because i have wifi at work, at home and there is wifi on every second corner in the city, so why would i pay the extra cash? I like to be offline from time to time.

6. Beauty salons

You should treat yourself nicely sometime, but what about the falls nails, falls lashes, expensive facials and luxury hair salons? I have my mom to shorten my ends, i dye my hair, i do my nails and i go for facial every second month. Bum ... a lot of money stays on my account.

Also, there is the whole bunch of discount portals these days and so i am sure you can find something there if you really need to go. The offer is very nice.

7. Decorations and other (un)necessary things

I am sure that the statue, bowl, mug, pillow, frame etc. are not needed. You definitely do not need paper towels, when you can have the reusable cloth ones. No need for straws, i am sure you can drink without them and so on and so on.



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Jun 10, 2020

Very effective money saving tips! We don’t all sit down to see what we are spending on but this highlights some of the things we neglect and blindly spend on


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