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Social media as a killer of relationships

We can experience a lot of the beauty and perfection brain massage through Youtube, Instagram and other similar media, where people present beautiful bodies, luxurious holidays, perfect meals and, last but not least, perfect and happy couples/relationships. I do not follow many of these influencers, but i have my favorites and sometimes visit their profiles. What a surprise for me, when a perfect and beautiful couple suddenly starts to have separate videos, you do not see them together in their photos, and after a few days, under one of their posts, you see a comment like yes we broke up. So everything was not so perfect after all ..

Social media as a killer of relationships

With the higher amount of social media in our life, there is also more depression cases and brake-ups. People simply cannot make the difference between reality and commercial. They keep comparing themselves, but they do not realize the time and effort behind each picture or a video. What we are able to see, as an audience is only a fraction of that all - retouched, not flattering scenes were cut out, arguing is not shown and music is added for even better "feeling" outcome of such posts.

There is no scale of happiness. That is something only we or our brain can produce.

So you truly cannot have precisely the same life or relationship as some celebrity or YouTuber. You don´t want to be a copy of someone, because the difference is what makes us interesting and maybe that is the reason, why your partner fell in love with you and not with someone else.

Relationship nor marriage is easy, it is not a fairy-tale, but a full-time job with overtimes. Nothing happens just like that and no one stays madly in love for the rest of their lives. We are the ones who have to feed that sparkle or flame, for it to be an exciting and lasting relationship.

Another problem of these days are cell phones, glued to our hands, instead of a quality time with one another. I see far too many people staring into their phones, even during their time in a cafe or a restaurant.

We have a constant need to share some news, but as soon as we are in physical contact with someone, we are unable to truly connect and have a meaningful discussion.

So please do not make the social media ruin or guide your life. Stop living someone else´s fairy tale and open your eyes, as you might already live in one of your own ones, but you cannot see it for the time you spend glued on the screen.



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