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True love - is it just something out of a fairy tale?

The definition of True Love would possibly sound like this:

True love is a feeling when two souls are inexplicably drawn to be together in life. Once they are together, there is something in between that is so beautiful and strong that people fear, admire, and envy it at once. When one has found such person they suddenly become to be the world to one another. Such people light your way through life and never give up when things get ruff.

I always have to smile, when i see two old people holding hands, an elderly man getting flowers or an old lady looking at her husband with the sparkles in her eyes. I wish everyone could feel such love, that warm feeling when you have someone who cares. but true love is something that we have to earn, it is nothing that is granted to us and it will only happen when we push our ego aside and love someone for the little things, for who he/she is and not for the bling.

True love is a friendship on another level. Be sure to open yourself to one another, be faithful, honest and always present for one another. Give them your time as that is one of the best presents you can give.

True love is not about lavish gifts and life without fights. We all are different and so there might always be something, you cannot agree on, but you can always find a solution and continue further in life together.

Such a person is a light or a beacon of your life. You of course can live without them, you for sure don´t want to, nor can imagine it, but when separated, nothing changes for you. On the other hand you would be able to let them go, if this is what they wish for, as true love does not possess.

It is not about being crazy in love, that is something different, as you can be crazy in love with pizza, but true love is about seeing your world and future in the eyes of your loved one, who treats you like you were the only one and the only thing that matters.

If you were unsure, how to find out whether you found true love, then here are some signs you might want to look for in your relationship.

1. The person is your pillar.

You know you can relay on them, to go to them for help and an advice and they won´t judge, on the other hand they will help you and encourage you, they always see the good in you and try to help you to get better, even if it meant you´d be more successful then them.

2. Meaningful silence

Words are not always needed and if you can spend some time together in silence and still feel joy of that time together, you might be on a good path. Because two souls, which are meant to be together, they can exchange emotions without a single word.

3. Anything and everything

You are able to talk about absolutely everything, no topic is taboo or too personal and you can be freely yourself without looking at what you do,wear, look like and so on.

4. Respectful team

You are a team who is able to work closely together on whatever task or obstacle comes your way. You do not blame each other, yet try to find a solution. You know each other likes, dislikes and needs and you are ready to fulfill them before they even notice they need them, because you are on the same ,,radio signal" of true love.

5. Feeling of calmness

True love is not crazy, does not have to be super physical, there is no need to cry over someone. When you found true love you found peace, you have the feeling of inner calmness, your heart smiles silently when seeing the person and you would swap any occasion or opportunity for being in arms of your love.

6. Trust

Trust is the most basic foundation of true love. You trust the other person and they can trust you, there is no need for explanation as once it comes from within us and we mean it honestly, people are able to sense it.

True love never looks back on past relationships as this person is different, unique and so if we were harmed in past it does not mean this person will do it too. But fear is a powerful destroyer of beauty and so sit down with your loved one and explain how you feel, gain and give trust. Without that, you cannot continue.

Tell us ... did you find your true love?

By Claire with Love xxx


Mathew & Klara


Our online friendship led us to a long-distance relationship that turned into marriage, 11 years together and in summer 2022 we also promoted to parents to the sweetest baby boy.

Our passion is nature, wellness and photography, we strongly believe, that life is in our hands and with this motto in our mind we create our life path.


Our blog contains articles about healthy lifestyle, relationships, wellness and minimalism 

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