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FOMO what is it and how to deal with it

Is he truly the one? What is she wearing today? What happened last night "there". What is the newest gadget? How to look like "her"? Best way to loose weight?

FOMO = the fear of missing out - it is pretty much a perception that others are having more fun, living better lives, or experiencing better things than we are.

We feel like there might be better things one could be doing right now. It is a feeling of missing out on something important that others are experiencing right now.

We feel like we have to know it all. there is simply so much information nowadays on the internet, we are pretty much bombarded with them and our brain is trying to work with that load.

Social media is kind of a bragging platform of some sort. There you can see all the events you have missed, all the products you haven't bought, all the destinations you haven't seen and all the perfect food or bodies you don´t have. Here even happiness seems to be in competition.

Due to this we feel like we do not live. It can sadly lead to depression, anxiety, self-doubt and even worse.

Can you see yourself in this - honestly?

FOMO what is it and how to deal with it fear of missing out

Truth is, that there will always be something, that we are "missing" on, but so do others. It is not possible to know, see, experience it all!

How to deal with this?

Change your focus - stop focusing on what you are lacking and rather embrace what you have or what you have done. If you tend to forget, write a diary or create a scrap book full of photos and memories, you will very quickly see, what you have all done and accomplished.

When it comes to social media, stop following people, who make you feel less than you are - block them if you must and focus only on such accounts that inspire you.

Or even better, perform a full DIGITAL DETOX.

One truth at the end - there might be people, who actually envy you for what you have or what you have done, even though you doubt yourself. We can always be an inspiration to some.

REMEMBER happiness can be found within us, not out there.

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