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Accessorize for gentlemen

Most people think, to be a women is easier, when it comes to dressing. Much larger choice of patterns, shapes, accessories, etc. That's not true, as men may not only wear black boots and white button-sleeve in a black jacket suit. They also have a free hand in dressing up, and even they can have some nice accessorize to bring up the clothes a bit. Until recently, the "penguin" uniform was presented as the only way to get dressed for a business meeting, conference and so on, but even here we can see more and more colors and patterns. Just look at politics. That is considered as high-business and one would expect to see only black and white, but even they started crossing the line from etiquette to fashion.

Mathew took few of his favorite accessorize to a photo-shoot. To inspire you to look for something different, once shopping again. Let´s have a look at it now.



They are probably one of the basic accessorize, every man

should have. Framed wrist, with tastefully chosen watch looks both elegant and masculine. When someone asks you what the time is, turning your wrist looks much better, than pulling the cellphone out of your pants. There is no longer the rule to wear the watch only on your left wrist. You decide yourself, where it is more convenient for you. For example, on your non-dominant arm, which does not carry a laptop bag. Your watch should be tasteful and somewhat in fashion line with the rest of your outfit. So if you have a decent wedding ring and cuff buttons, then the watch should not overlap these accessories. Their strap should also go with your belt and shoes, to be of the same color. The most suitable watch is also the one with typical dial, rather than the digital, but even those can be in an elegant version.


Perhaps nothing is worse than a man dressed elegantly in a suit with a backpack on his back. The straps are not only creating wrinkles on your button-sleeve, but are also destroying the fabric of your suit. You can also sweat faster. So if you do not commute to work on a motorcycle or bicycle, then rather choose a briefcase or an elegant handbag. This bag does not have to be closely related to business nor computer, they can also be made out of a softer material, to not have the strict shape.


Long gone are those days, when only black shoes were worn. True enough, they are classical and if the material is proper, than your shoes can last for years. Black color is suitable especially for evening events. One thing, however, is a no no and those are square toe shoes. In case you have them, please burn them / throw them away / just get rid of them! Whether you have a customized suit or just one purchased in a mall, square boots are simply taboo!Shoes can have a smooth toe as well as adorned with various ornaments thanks to the brogue Technic. It depends only on your taste and, of course, your overall look, which should make sense.


Every suit could be brought more into the light with a small

accessorize thing like brooch or a handkerchief. The handkerchief though (to the astonishment of the audience) out of the same fabric as your tie. Yes you read it correctly, the handkerchief should only accompany the tie. If you are not aware of the newest trends or don´t really no, what colors match nicely, then simply choose to have one color tie and handkerchief, which only contains the same color for example in stripes or polka dots.

You can also revive the whole outfit with a brooch or a lapel clip, which can (or absolutely does not have to) a meaning for you. people will most likely ask you though, so try to come up with something to be ready.


Each man should have at least one white shirt. Best of three, however: Whatever else you can never spoil with, it is a perfect base for both dinner and wedding, funeral, interview, negotiation, just any opportunity and a good white shirt should be an important element of your closet (dressing rooms?). If you buy a classic shirt in the shop, then watch out for the cloth, which should be 100% cotton. Any admixture of polyester will be impermeable and inappropriate. Look for the ELS or SeaIsland labels that guarantee high quality cotton. Unfortunately, the Egyptian cotton label has unfortunately not been trusted lately. Tailor-made shirts have long been a whim, but a good piece of wardrobe. If you have a character that deviates from conventional tables in stores, then tailoring is the key to you. You would be surprised, but a matching shirt, where you do not have sleeves like a harmonica and the ability to put the other person in a "tent", makes it a miracle with a man, of course we are talking about a higher price, but it is not at all inaccessible. for this shirt he paid ruffly 100 eur (but we were not happy with the access and so we do not mention the name)



Mathew & Klara


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