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6 rules for a healthy LDR

The world is getting smaller and the distance shorter. Thanks to the low cost airlines and many agencies the world is open to us way more than ever before. Coincidence has it, that you meet someone during your holiday, studies or simply on the internet and you grow some important feelings. But what then? All you were left of is a computer screen and some pictures.

We have been in LDR for two years and so we know how it feels, but from the very start we were planning on closing the distance.

Down below you may read some ,,rules" for a long distance relationship, to make sure it´s working and heading the right direction. Do not give up if it´s worth it - cherish it as it is special in some way.

1. Have something to look forward to.

Whether it is your holiday, moving in together or whatever else it may be, you at least have a topic to talk about. You can be planning together and count down the days. The vision of the finish line is always important and can calm the suffering soul.

Any relationship without visions is a doomed and un-happy one.

2. Think, before you say the ortel.

Long Distance Relationship can be super hard sometimes. It gets under your skin, but you still have to use your senses and be rational. All the stress and sorrow can exaggerate your jealousy and criticism. The person on the other side has friends, who might be the same gender and who will write on their Facebook wall, take a picture with them on Instagram or hang out once in a while.

You should trust each other, without that, you will only suffer through this relationship and should reconsider it. If you wanna know something, just ask and do not make your own fairy tales.

3. Communication the key. It should flow naturally though and you should not push it. Us with Mathew we spoke literally all the time, we always had something to chit chat about and very rarely took a time off. Your loved one might be different though, but that is nothing to be afraid off, the more you will have a quality time once you actually talk or meet. But do not force the communication as there might be occasions when the conversation is stucked and you are more likely to get bored or question this relationship. Worst thing happening is your partner will grow a sort of an aversion towards your calls, which could lead to ending the relationship.

4. Keep it interesting

Yes it sucks they are that far, but still you can find a flower store to deliver a bouquet, send them a parcel with some sweet goodies from your country, or simply have a Skype diner. If you do not mind people starring and you have a good internet connection, you can go for a little trip with your notebook – i mean partner. Have them as much in your life as possible.

We for example spent Christmas together like that, with my entire family. He was in summer wear and 30 °C meanwhile we were sitting under a Christmas tree and outside was -5 °C.

5. Your future

Make sure to talk about this, as you might find out, that this person is not the right one for ,,and they lived happily ever after“ and it is better to find out sooner than later. Do you want kids and how many? Where do you want to live? What about money, do you have savings? What about your religion and political situation? Do you want to marry?

6. Do it together

Whether it is watching movies, series, listening to music or play computer games. It is nice to have something common, gives you a topic to talk about and you can also find out more about the person, like how much she/he does not like to loose.


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Our online friendship led us to a long-distance relationship that turned into marriage, 11 years together and in summer 2022 we also promoted to parents to the sweetest baby boy.

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