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5 reasons why not to go on a diet this year

When i was thinking about our new upcoming blog post i did not have to look too far nor think too hard, as one of the topics was super obvious. Diets! Unlike anybody else, i won´t be telling you how to go on one nor which one is the best. Titles like "Get ready for bikini season" or "Loose your Christmas gains" are all over the internet. And not just this year, but every January. Because what else to write about in January rather then summarizing your past year and showcasing your diet habits.

Strong will is what you have to have, if you really decide to go for one. You might say yeah i have it, but then colleague baked, partner bought some chocolate, you have to go for a business lunch etc the list continues. I will take just this one or just a little bite and at the end of the day you will regret all of it and go for even crazier diet. Cutting the calories and be constantly on the swing of just a little a depression for not having the will to resist. Is this stress worth it?

It might be a serious money consuming process. There are several studios and nutritionist specialists (actually the number of them is still growing), but several of them are not qualified, give you the same food plan as to the other hundred people that wrote before you. Studio prices are as high as castle walls and often consist of buying this supplement as well as that powder and other crap.

It is not funny! I always say that we should be enjoying our time here on earth and counting calories and fearing certain type of foods certainly does not sound like that.

Hunger games might become reality. I do not know how about you, but when i am hungry, i can be pretty annoying, grumpy, moody ... Just imagine having such diet, which you certainly do not enjoy, you cut your calories maybe too much and you constantly feel hungry. Your brain is not working properly, your sense for reality is different and anything said can be like a bullet to your ears.

Chances are, you don´t need to go on a diet at all. I get it, you see it everywhere and the current body image is pretty crooked. It is not about wearing the smallest size, but about being happy with yourself.

Little secret - your body can be only bloated due to some food allergies. Listen to your body, keep positive and your body will find itself healthy weight it needs.

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