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Love Relationships - why things aren´t working

Have you ever thought about the fact, that despite the current century, we actually have shorter and less healthy relationships? We can see a drought in long lasting relationships. And we have to ask ourselves, if relationships today are even considered relationships and do they last? In the past divorce was unacceptable but in today’s world it has become so normal and accepted.

Why is it, that in the year of 2015 there was 67% divorces in Luxembourg?

How come that in 2014 in USA, there was a higher number of single people than married?


Despite the fact of having Facebook, speed-dating opportunities, agencies, applications, possibility of long distance travel and the ,,luxury" to openly date someone for years and live together, without the must of marriage, coming from society, we still fail in finding the one.

Hundred years ago they were able to love each other until truly the death made them apart and nowadays we have trouble to keep a long life partner.

Is it us?

No one really likes to say it was my fault, we have troubles dealing with our own issues, it is always better to take a different road, rather than trying to solve the problem, which is right ahead of us. A conflict like this won´t vanish, it will appear again and maybe even bigger, because it might caught on size like a down hill going snow ball.

Do not give up, it could be just a bad day for both of you or misunderstanding which caused your fight. Sit down together and talk about it rationally. Not just talking and blaming the other, but also listening and considering your own fault in that. And again no one has a perfect relationship without fight, as every each and one of us is different, but the importance is, how you handle with such obstacle.

Is it our past?

She/ he cheated on me, she/he was only using me, she/he did that and now your brought it to another relationship.

I understand, that having a broken heart is painful and hard to forget, but it is nonsense to poison your new relationship with your fears. Once relationship can easily be destroyed by not trusting the other person and living in a constant fear, that what happened before certainly must happen now as well. every person is different and so you should not judge too soon. They might surprise you and truly love you. Realize that it is now only you two .. you two in the relationship .. you two create the rules .. no one else.

Is it society?

We are constantly searching for something, comparing our selves with friends or even other people from different parts of the world. Thanks to Instagram and Hollywood movies ,,we know" how love and relationships should look like.

But all we can see here is a fantasy and promotion, we cannot see the whole truth and dark side of ones relationship, as camera takes only what they want us to see.

Your granny had only your grandpa and the other way around. They spent time together in a garden or talking above coffee with cookies, not comparing, just loving. It is always so nice to see an old couple holding hands, kissing cheeks, that is because they love the person itself, not his car, her body, his abs, her face ...

Stop chasing your Cindarella story, as the person who is just leaving your apartment might be the one, you just gave up too soon.


If you wanna build a strong and ,,until death makes us apart" relationship, you should start using these words more often:

I love you.

I am sorry.

Thank you.

I forgive you.



Mathew & Klara


Our online friendship led us to a long-distance relationship that turned into marriage, 11 years together and in summer 2022 we also promoted to parents to the sweetest baby boy.

Our passion is nature, wellness and photography, we strongly believe, that life is in our hands and with this motto in our mind we create our life path.


Our blog contains articles about healthy lifestyle, relationships, wellness and minimalism 

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