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What To Do At Home As a Couple

You are home alone, just you two, but might be asking like what to do at home with my partner? Try to come up with some fun things to do together as a couple, that will actually strengthen your relationship or teach you something new about your loved one.

1. Create a home workout routine or try new things like acro (couple) yoga. There is no need for a gym when you can exercise and break a sweat at home. Just simply find a video of some sort on Youtube and get into it. When it comes to the acro yoga we had so much fun trying all the postures and found out it´s not that easy as we thought, but love to practise.

2. Create a memory book/photo album. Now it´s a great time to go through all your past travels, memories and experiences and if you have a printer at home you can actually create a great book out of it or send it to companies, that would create a photo book for you. Like this you can keep it forever and who knows, maybe once show it to your kids and their kids. I love to look at old grandma photos and listen to the stories that link to it.

What To Do At Home As a Couple

3. Have breakfast in bed in the evening. Like really! Who gives what the time is and what you eat for dinner I personally think, that any time is a waffle/pancake time.

4. Work on a home improvement project. Oh, I personally love those. When I am stuck at home for too long I start to hate what I see and have to reorganize, sell and buy new. Get into some projects like painting your apartment walls, build a new headboard, or finally get around to fixing something that has been long broken. Regardless, working on a home project together is fun and builds teamwork, which is essential in any relationship.

5. Have a day spa. The most sensual, effective way to unwind, reconnect, set the mood after and detach from all the outdoor stress. Light some candles, use some essential oils, put on some relaxing music, whip the oil out and give each other some nice massage. You might even do some manicure, hair mask .. whatever you feel like would be a go with your partner.

6. Cook and bake together. You can do it like a competition of who makes the best pasta. Or one makes the main meal and the second one does dessert. Then, depends on your weather, you may have a picnic on your balcony or a backyard.

7. Take a bath together. There's nothing like relaxing in a warm bath after, full of foam and let all the stress leave our body. You can add some candles for a romantic evening or rubber ducks and bath games for some silly moments, it's up to you.

8. Play a board/computer/card game. All of us now have computers with some online games or even on Facebook. I am sure you might even find some cards or Twister is a classic you probably haven't played in a while. So spend a night in and brush up on your contortionist skills. Who knows? It could lead to some interesting midnight bedroom play (Pssst...)

9. Spend an afternoon reading newspapers, magazines or books and then share .. Grab some of your favorites and enjoy an afternoon with written words. A little culture never hurt a relationship. Plus, you'll have tons of topics to discuss afterwards, especial if you read some motivational or historical topics.

What To Do At Home As a Couple

10. Take some fun online personality tests together. This could be a risky business, but if you're both just doing it for fun then who cares? Find some funny crazy online quiz like this for example and see how you do.

11. Have a movie night! Get popcorn, chocolate, wine or beer and snuggle under a blanket together. If you already do movie nights, shake it up a little and organize a themed marathon instead. Have you ever watched all the Lord of the Rings or even better all of the Harry Potter movies in a row? You may even go for a marathon of Game of Thrones (never watched that my self)





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